Promoting the Airports on the Three Bass Islands

Aircraft Parking Ground in Ohio

Put-in-Bay Twp Port Authority

The Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority was formed on January 8, 1991. The port authority's purpose is to preserve and promote the existence of the airports and seaports of the three Bass Islands. The largest and most populated is South Bass Island, also known as Put-in-Bay. Middle Bass Island and North Bass Island are also under the jurisdiction of the port authority.

Put-in-Bay is also known as South Bass Island. The three Bass Islands—South Bass, Middle Bass, and North Bass—are home to over 700 residents. Summer visitation is estimated at 750,000 people annually, who utilize our harbors and airports.

In 2021 the number of students enrolled in Put-in-Bay school is 77, and our graduating class will be seven seniors! There are three students that are flown in from Middle Bass to attend our PIB school. Aircraft are a primary means of transportation for winter residents of the Bass Islands for both supplies and passengers.


Winter hours for freight pick up are 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

Put-In-Bay Township Port Authority

Put-In-Bay Township Port Authority

2021 Meeting Schedule

2020 Port Authority Meeting Schedule
January 4Monday10:00 AMPut-In-Bay Township Building (Organizational Mtg.)
FebruaryNo Meeting
March 29Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
April 19Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
May 17Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
June 14Monday05:00 PMMiddle Bass Town Hall
July 19Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
August 16Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
September 20Monday05:00 PMMiddle Bass Town Hall
October 18Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
November 15Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building
December 20Monday05:00 PMPut-In-Bay Township Building

Joint meeting with the Township Trustees
To Be Announced
At the Township Building

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