All three Bass Island airports are operated and maintained by the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority and are unlit, therefore NIGHT OPERATIONS ARE PROHIBITED. Night operations are defined as 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. All Bass Island airports are unattended and operate on a frequency of 122.8. Fuel is NOT available on any of the Bass Islands. Fuel is available seven days a week at the Port Clinton International Airport (PCW).

Parking ramp fees are $12 per day and $17 for overnight. There is a self-registration desk in the terminal building for payment of parking fees upon arrival. Aircraft parking is monitored regularly, and an additional billing fee of $10 is charged if invoicing is required. Monthly, semi-annual, and annual fees are also available. 2021 Fee Schedule


Put-in-Bay Airport 3W2

Lat/Long: 41° 38' 00" N ~ 82° 49' 40" W
Field Elevation: 590 feet
Runway: 3–21: 2,870 feet
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Onsite weather information


Middle Bass Island Airport 3T7

Lat/Long: 41° 41' 18" N ~ 82° 48' 29" W
Field Elevation: 580'
Runway: 10–28: 1,852 feet
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No services available onsite.


North Bass Island Airport 3X5

Lat/ Long: 41° 43' 04" N ~ 82° 49' 16" W
Elevation: 594 feet
Runway 1–19: 1,804 feet
Air Nav Information
No services available onsite.


Ground Services

Golf cart rental available at the airport: (419) 573-2960

Put-in-Bay Taxi: (419) 285-6161

Biplane rides are available Fri-Sun during the summer months. Helicopter rides are available 7 days a week, weather permitting. You can call the airport at ((419) 285-3371) to check on availability for air tours

There are plentiful restaurants and entertainment in the downtown area approximately one mile from the airport, as well as island-wide hotels and lodging. For more information, go to the Chamber of Commerce website:

2022 Events at the Airport

2022 Bash on the Bay

Country Music Fest at the Put-In-Bay Airport! 2 nights – August 24 Brad Paisley & August 25 Zac Brown Band.


The Fabulous Vintage Sports Car Races Return to Put-in-Bay

September 21-22, 2022

At the Put-in-Bay Airport

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